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Top subtitle translator

We try to provide subtitles in every language

Primarily, we focus on providing English subtitles for latest Movies and TV Series. We always try to cover subtitles for popular films, kdrama, Anime series, documentery films and OTT TV shows, and Netflix Original Series.

As per now, we provide English subtitles along with some other languages like subtitle indonesia, sub malay, subtitrat in romana, greek subs, Hindi subtitles, bangla subs, german subtitles, french subtitles and subthai, arabic subtitles and farsi subtitles.

Sometimes it may happen that you can’t find the exact subtitle file in your language/Mother tongue. So, in order to get that, you can simply make a comment or let us know through our Contact us page


Top subtitle translators that can help you translate for free

There are lot of subtitle translating websites around internet which you can use for translating. Just google for “TRANSLATE SUBTITLE” or “SUBTITLE TRANSLATOR” you will the top subtitle translator website as search results.

Steps to translate English subtitles to desired language

After visiting subtitle translating website, follow these steps will get your work done of translating srt file.

  1. Upload one or more subtitle files you wish to translate.
  2. You can delete or add new files to the list.
  3. If is everything all right, just click the “next” button below the list to go to the translation page.
  4. Select the final language then click on the button to translate.
  5. Click on the button below to download your file.


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